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PLM Implementation

ONE THING you must ensure during PLM Implementation

Selecting the right Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system for your organization is a pivotal decision. PLM software can transform your product development processes, improve collaboration, and streamline workflows, but the critical factor that often determines the success of a PLM implementation is the degree of customization involved. 

In this article, we’ll discuss why avoiding unnecessary customizations is the ONE THING you should prioritize during PLM Implementation. 

We’ll delve into the drawbacks of excessive customizations and why minimal customizations are the key to achieving a better return on investment (ROI) from your PLM investments.

Customizations can be a Trap :

When organizations invest in PLM software, they often look to tailor the system to fit their specific processes, needs, and preferences. While some level of customization is indeed necessary to ensure that the PLM system aligns with your organization’s unique requirements, excessive customizations can become a double-edged sword.

Customizations can lead to several drawbacks, such as:

  1. Increased Costs: Customizations require additional time and resources, which can drive up the initial implementation costs. Moreover, ongoing maintenance and updates of highly customized PLM systems can be significantly more expensive.
  2. Protracted Implementation: Excessive customizations can lead to prolonged PLM implementation timelines, delaying the benefits that the system can offer. The longer the implementation, the more time your organization remains without the advantages of PLM.
  3. Complexity and Maintenance Burden: Customizations introduce complexity into the PLM system, making it more challenging to maintain, upgrade, and troubleshoot. This can strain your IT resources and increase the risk of system failures.
  4. Limited Scalability: Highly customized PLM systems may struggle to adapt to changing business needs and growth. The more bespoke the system, the harder it is to scale up or down as required.
  5. Dependency on External Consultants: Organizations that heavily customize their PLM systems often find themselves dependent on external consultants or developers, leading to higher long-term costs and delays.
  6. Reduced ROI: The more resources you invest in customizing your PLM system, the longer it takes to start realizing a return on your investment. An extended time-to-value can reduce the overall ROI from your PLM solution.

The ONE THING you must ensure : Avoid Unnecessary Customizations

While some degree of customization is crucial to align the PLM system with your organization’s unique processes, avoiding unnecessary customizations is the ONE THING that can make or break the success of your PLM implementation.

Here’s why you should prioritize minimal customizations:

  1. Cost Efficiency: Minimizing customizations reduces your implementation and maintenance costs. Instead of allocating resources to extensive customization, you can invest those resources in training, support, and ongoing improvements.
  2. Faster Implementation: A streamlined, less customized PLM system can be implemented more quickly, ensuring that your organization starts reaping the benefits sooner.
  3. Reduced Complexity: A simplified PLM system is easier to manage, maintain, and troubleshoot. It reduces the risk of system failures and minimizes the need for external consultants or developers.
  4. Enhanced Scalability: A minimally customized PLM system is more adaptable to your changing business needs. It can grow or evolve with your organization without the constraints of complex customizations.
  5. Increased ROI: By avoiding unnecessary customizations, you accelerate your time-to-value from the PLM system. This leads to a higher overall ROI, as you start realizing the benefits of PLM sooner.

The Right Balance: Purposeful Customization

While minimizing customizations is essential, it’s equally crucial to strike the right balance between adopting a PLM system “out of the box” and customizing it to meet your organization’s specific requirements. Purposeful customization, which involves tailoring the system to address your most critical needs without overcomplicating the implementation, is the key to success.

Here are some best practices for purposeful customization:

  1. Comprehensive Assessment: Before implementing a PLM system, conduct a thorough assessment of your organization’s processes, needs, and objectives. Identify the areas where customization is truly necessary to enhance efficiency, compliance, or productivity.
  2. Standardize Processes: Consider whether certain processes can be standardized or optimized to align with industry best practices before resorting to customizations. Sometimes, adjusting your organization’s practices can achieve the desired outcomes without extensive changes to the PLM system.
  3. Prioritize Requirements: Define a clear set of requirements and prioritize them based on their impact and importance. Focus on customizing the PLM system to address high-priority requirements that drive real value.
  4. Keep Future Needs in Mind: When customizing your PLM system, consider its long-term implications. Will the customizations be sustainable as your organization evolves and grows?
  5. Involve End Users: Engage end users and gather their input during the customization process. Their insights can help ensure that customizations are user-friendly and genuinely address their needs.
  6. Vendor Support: Work closely with the PLM software vendor to understand the extent to which customization is supported and recommended. Vendor guidance can help you make informed decisions about what to customize and what to avoid.


In the quest to maximize the benefits of PLM software, avoiding unnecessary customizations is the ONE THING you should prioritize. 

While customizing a PLM system to align with your organization’s unique processes and requirements is essential, excessive customizations can lead to increased costs, protracted implementation, system complexity, and reduced ROI. Minimal customizations strike the right balance between tailoring the system to your specific needs and maintaining a streamlined, cost-effective PLM implementation.

By following best practices for purposeful customization and focusing on high-priority requirements, organizations can harness the power of PLM software to streamline processes, improve collaboration, and drive innovation while maintaining cost efficiency and realizing a faster return on their PLM investments.

With our ‘Discovery Workshops’, we can map all your business needs with OOTB (Out Of The Box) PLM Software features and save you a lot of time, money and efforts. Our philosophy of ‘Maximum Configuration and Minimum Customizations’ will help you generate maximum ROI from your PLM Investments.

With MechiSpike, you can leverage your PLM to the fullest. 

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