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PLM Outsourcing

How to get assured PLM Support ROI with SLA Adherence (>90%), Cost Savings & 10% YOY Reduction in No. of Tickets

In this edition, let us take a look at the PLM Support : How AMS in general is all about Enhancing Efficiency and Reducing Costs and more so in PLM Vs Non PLM/Non Engineering AMS.

In the dynamic digital landscape of modern industries, efficient support services are critical for sustaining operations and driving innovation. They are popularly known as AMS (Application Maintenance Services).

AMS are required for all applications, engineering such as PLM as well as non-engineering such as ERPs of the worlds.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Engineering Support play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless workflows, but they do differ from their counterparts in Non PLM/Non Engineering areas :

High Value Impact Vs Low Value Impact :

On an average, the impact of PLM related escalations can be substantial, affecting product development timelines, quality, and overall project success compared to Non Engineering issues faced by the organizations. Issues in these domains might pertain to administrative, operational, or procedural matters, resulting in less direct impact on the core business processes.

Which can also lead to High Value Savings Vs Low Value Savings :

If PLM Support (PLM AMS) is handled properly, the potential savings achieved are almost always significantly higher compared to Non PLM/Non Engineering areas.

The intricacies involved in engineering tasks necessitate specialized knowledge, skill sets, and experience, making the resolution process more time-consuming and resource-intensive. However, successful resolution can lead to substantial cost savings by averting delays, reducing rework, and optimizing resource utilization.

In contrast, Non PLM/Non Engineering support issues, though less complex, may not yield comparable cost savings. The nature of these problems often involves straightforward solutions, limiting the potential for significant cost reduction.

So can we use Chatbots and Automate PLM Support, the way we are trying to automate Non Engg Support?

Chatbots have emerged as valuable tools for customer support, providing quick and efficient responses to routine queries. However, the effectiveness of chatbots varies between PLM/Engineering and Non PLM/Non Engineering support.

In Non PLM/Non Engineering areas, where issues are often routine and well-defined, chatbots can be implemented successfully to handle low-end tasks. Frequently asked questions, administrative queries, and procedural clarifications can be efficiently addressed by chatbots without much risk, allowing human support agents to focus on more complex challenges.

In contrast, PLM/Engineering support requires a deeper understanding of technical nuances, making it challenging for chatbots to provide meaningful assistance.

The intricacies of engineering tasks demand human expertise, problem-solving skills, and a nuanced understanding of the specific context, making chatbots less suitable for these domains.

So if we can’t use Chatbots for PLM Support, how can we Enhance its Efficiency and Reduce Costs?

Disciplined and Methodological Approach for Reducing PLM/Engineering Support Tickets:

Standardization plays a crucial role in streamlining processes, reducing errors, and ensuring consistency. By establishing standardized workflows and documentation practices, organizations can minimize the occurrence of common issues, resulting in a decrease in support tickets.

Well-designed frameworks for Improving Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Adherence :

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are fundamental in defining the expectations and commitments between support providers and their clients. Achieving high SLA adherence in PLM/Engineering support is feasible with the implementation of well-designed frameworks and disciplined processes.

Well-designed frameworks can provide a structured approach to problem-solving in PLM support. They can lead to over 90% SLA Adherence in PLM Support. We have delivered that SLA and hence we can talk confidently about that. These frameworks empower support teams to efficiently diagnose and resolve issues, leading to quicker turnaround times and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Standardizing procedures, documenting best practices, and providing ongoing training to support teams contribute to the consistent delivery of high-quality support services.

And it all improves the Bottom Line :

The successful implementation of standardized processes, frameworks, and disciplined methodologies in PLM Support not only leads to efficient operations but also enables support partners to offer flat pricing for multiple years.

Despite the ever increasing  resource costs, the higher efficiency achieved through streamlined processes allows support providers to maintain consistent pricing structures, benefiting both parties involved.


As industries continue to evolve ‘Digitally’, investing in efficient support services becomes increasingly critical for sustained success. PLM/Engineering Support becomes extremely important compared to Non PLM Support because of the inherent high value impact of PLM related failures. But on the other side, PLM Support, if handled well provides, High Value Savings as well.

As we can’t use Automated Chatbots for PLM Support due to its inherent complexities and requirement of deeper understanding of technical nuances, the only option in front of us to Enhance Efficiency and Reduce Costs is to go to the basics and apply Human Intelligence(!),.

It has been proven that,

Disciplined and Methodological Approach can reduce PLM Support Tickets and Well-designed frameworks can Improve Efficiency. This can lead to over 90% SLA Adherence in PLM Support.

We are committed to be your trusted source of knowledge and support throughout your PLM journey. Our team of experts and thought leaders will bring you actionable insights, best practices, case studies, and the latest trends in PLM.

At MechiSpike, we assure 95% SLA adherence, 10% reduction of YOY tickets for same number  of users.

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