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End to End Product Development Life Cycle: A Digital Transformation Journey

In today’s fast-paced business environment, organizations must navigate through complex product development life cycles to bring innovative solutions to market efficiently.

From ideation to post-launch support, the journey involves numerous interconnected steps, each crucial for delivering a successful product.

This article explores the ten key steps of end-to-end product development life cycle and how organizations undergo digital transformation to streamline these processes.

1. NPI (New Product Introduction): Product Idea

NPI marks the inception of a new product, where ideas are conceptualized based on market needs, customer feedback, and innovation.

It involves thorough market research and feasibility studies to validate the product concept’s viability.

2. Engineering Design: Design, Analysis, Prototyping

Engineering design encompasses

  • CAD (Computer-Aided Design),
  • CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering), and
  • CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing).

CAD tools facilitate the creation of detailed product designs, while CAE helps in analyzing product performance virtually. Prototyping, enabled by CAM, allows for physical validation of designs before mass production.

3. PDM & PLM (Product Data Management & Product Lifecycle Management)

PDM and PLM systems organize product data throughout its lifecycle, ensuring efficient collaboration, version control, and compliance.

This step involves part classification, establishing organizational structures, defining product specifications, and managing documentation, fostering seamless communication and decision-making.

4. BOM (Bill of Materials) Management: eBOM, Variants & Options

BOM management involves creating and maintaining the bill of materials, specifying components and their relationships.

Advanced features like variants and options enable customization to meet diverse customer requirements, enhancing product flexibility and market competitiveness.

5. MBOM (Manufacturing BOM) :  BOI, BOP, BOE

MBOM details the components and processes required for manufacturing, including

  • Bill of Information (BOI) for materials, 
  • Bill of Process (BOP) for manufacturing steps, and 
  • Bill of Equipment (BOE) for machinery and tools.

This step ensures alignment between design and manufacturing, optimizing production efficiency.

6. Advanced Modules: Quality & Program Management, Supplier Collaboration

Advanced PLM modules encompass

  • Quality management,
  • Program management, and
  • Supplier collaboration.

These modules facilitate rigorous quality control, efficient project planning, and seamless collaboration with suppliers, ensuring product excellence and timely delivery.

7. Integrations with MES & ERP Systems

Integrating PLM with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems streamlines data flow across the entire value chain.

This integration enables seamless transfer of data from

  • CAD to PLM,
  • PLM to ERP,
  • PLM to ALM
  • PLM to MES

It is important for enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making.

8. Product Release

Product release marks the culmination of development efforts, involving thorough testing, regulatory compliance, and market readiness assessments.

Timely and well-coordinated release processes ensure successful product launches and customer satisfaction.

9. SLM (Service Lifecycle Management)

Post-launch, organizations must focus on After Market with

  • Service Lifecycle Management,
  • Spare Parts Management.

SLM ensures customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and recurring revenue streams through efficient service delivery.

10. EPLM Services (Extended PLM Services)

Extended PLM services provide ongoing support and customizations to optimize PLM solutions according to evolving business needs. These services include

  • PLM Adoption,
  • Application support for CAD/CAM/CAE tools,
  • Customizations,
  • Testing Services, and
  • Leveraging emerging technologies like cloud, DevOps, and IoT for enhanced efficiency and innovation.


The end-to-end product development life cycle is intricately linked with digital transformation.

In today’s digital world, organizations cannot afford to overlook the importance of embracing digital technologies to streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and deliver innovative products to market faster and more efficiently.

By leveraging advanced PLM solutions and integrating with MES, ERP, and other systems, organizations can navigate the complexities of product development while staying competitive in the rapidly evolving marketplace.

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